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Skin care video tip - cleansing


Skin Care Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Georgena Wright, Clinical Aesthetician for 30 years and would like to help you with your beauty routine and using our products, rejuvaDERM. We have four cleansers, one for acne, one for pigmentation, one for sensitive/dry and one for mature/dry.

The cleansing routine for each skin type is the same. You cleanse your skin the first time in large circular motions and sweeping movements, rinse off and use a warm face washer to take off any residue or debris on your skin. Rinse the face washer out and squeeze it out.

Go to your next cleanse, smaller circular movements and suction movements on your skin, very easy, and take it down to your declotage - your face doesn't end at your chin. Once again rinse, and remove any extra with a warm face washer. It's really important to take off all the extra oils or debris that might be sitting on your skin, and that way you'll get a really good result from your cleansers.

In the shower, cleanse at the beginning of your shower and then at the end of the shower, once again using a warm face washer. The skin cells swell and you will take off the extra residue and skin cells, which is going to give you a beautiful smooth result and your products will penetrate much better into your skin.

Thank you.