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Skin Care Video ~ rejuvaDERM's Cosmeceutical Products


Skin Care Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Amanda Micola. I'm a Director of RejuvaDERM, along with my business partner Georgena Wright. Georgina Wright's been in the industry for over thirty years as a Clinical Aesthetician & Beauty Therapist and we've worked along side a pharmecutical company to create a wonderful range of cosmeceutical skin care products.

Cosmeceutical means they have peptieds, they have clinically proven results that will be trans-dermally delivered into the skin to give you the results that you want. So rather than just having a luxury product, you need the molecular level of those creams and peptieds - if they're not of a certain weight, they don't actually penetrate into the skin. So there's a little bit of science behind it, we won't bore you with that, but within the range, what we have found is that we have a lot of clients coming to us from within the industry and having a lot of favourite products. What we have done is create a range that really is results driven, that targets your pigmentation, that targets your dehydration, your ageing, with some of the latest technology that is revolutionary within the world, so we are constantly up-to-date with what works because we feel that technology has been so revolutionary within the last couple of years with skin care.

We look forward to you visiting our website rejuvaDERM. We do have a skin analysis online, so if you've got any questions, we'd like you to submit that to us and we're more than happy to get back to you, and even call you because we are so passionate about making a difference to your skin. We know it works.

Thank you.