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The Diversity and Usefulness of Skin Care Products

AHA cleanserAs time goes by, one of the most noticeable marks of its passage is the way it affects people’s skin. Wrinkles, dryness and even pimples and acne can all affect the skin depending on how exposed it is to the environment, and it is our responsibility to prevent and combat any of these before they happen.

Once affected by these, people will usually look towards many kinds of medication and solutions, all of which can range from homemade remedies to laser technology. With the effects of the environment and of time start to show, an increasing number of people will try almost anything to get rid of their ageing skin.

However, the best way to combat the negative effects of time and the environment on the skin is to slow the progression through the use of the appropriate skin care products.

Among the most popular and effective we have the following:

  • Facial cleanser: Every skin specialist in the world will always advise against the use of traditional soap on the face. This is because soaps are usually too dry and harsh and can seriously dry the face of someone with overly sensitive skin. So when it comes to the face, you need to choose a product that is specifically made to meet all of its requirements.

  • Skin toner: A skin toner is one of the best products one can hope for when it comes to rejuvenating and energising the skin. Toners are essential to restoring the ph level to the skin and also remove all residues inclusive of oil, dirt and makeup that may have been left on the skin after cleansing. The pH level of skin  is a result of the skin’s acid mantle made up of a mixture of sebum (skin oils) and sweat that form on the surface of your skin. This acid mantle keeps the pH of your skin at about 4 to 4.5.  Toners with active ingredients designed for your skin type will help hydrate, lighten or may be formulated with anti- bacterial qualities that will always provide a much-needed sense of refreshment and elasticity to one’s skin.

  • 3FX eye creamMoisturising creams: Moisturising creams are formulated for skin hydration and are particularly useful for people who work in an outdoor environment as well as air-conditioned offices. For those who face these scenarios, their skin can really take a beating by the intense sun, free radical damage from fluorescent lighting  and most weather conditions in the harsh Australian environment. All skin types are vastly improved with moisturising cream and it can be a really effective way to keep their skin hydrated and protected from the chemicals in our water that contain chlorine that is extremely harsh on the skin.

  • Lip and eye creams: The lips and the eyes are the two regions where the effects of the environment and ageing can be more noticeable, yet they are some of the most overlooked areas of our faces. The eye area is very fine, thin and delicate containing no oil glands. Above the lip is one of the most visible lined zones on the face particularly in women, it can be a result of facial expression, smoking or inherent. In order to protect the more delicate facial skin, lip and eye creams that focus specifically on these areas should be applied, since they not only provide improved hydration, but formulations on the market can definitely reduce the visible appearance caused by ageing and the environment.

It is recommended to look not only at your facial skin care products but additional ones that repair and hydrate all the skin on your body, including the hands and arms. The skin on our body is often neglected and can be rejuvenated with the use of good products.. Even if most of our body is not as exposed as our face, they still need to be taken care of as the skin is more delicate and has less collagen than our facial skin.