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Cosmeceutical Skin Care

Cosmeceutical skin care is the union of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for the care and improvement of the skin. This relatively new method of skin care has been around for quite some time of course, and it continuously presents improvements and newer products to choose from.

Until now, all solutions to skin problems have almost entirely focused in keeping people looking their best. But these solutions have been topical for the most part, since dermatologists use certain techniques to improve the skin of their patients, but very very few of those methods present actual long-lasting effects, if at all.

Now, there is a new concept that combines the topical cosmetics with products that actually change the way your skin is structured and how it grows. These are pharmaceutical agents. These pharmaceutical agents have been developed to increase the production of collagen in people’s bodies naturally. Collagen is known as a skin enhancer, and it is used in several places on the body, such as the lips for example, when you would like them to look fuller and healthier. And when that same concept is applied to the skin, the same effect takes place.

Skin loses its vigor after a certain age, and it becomes difficult to apply any topical solution that actually works to restore it and that will make it grow as though it was on a younger body. Topical solutions moisturize and even temporarily fill the skin out a bit, which gives it the desired look, but they only achieve this for very short periods of time. Cosmeceuticals however, are able to do this on a long term, which is more than what a simple topical application can achieve.

One of the most promising cosmeceuticals known is Centella Asiatica, which is one of the agents being currently tested for its realistic usefulness in treating varicose veins. Also, stretch marks can potentially benefit from the use of it, as it is a cosmeceutical that apparently reduces the scarring and regenerates the growth of the skin.

Some of the other cosmeceutical agents that are being produced at this time are salicylic acid, retinol, glycolic acid, DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, and sodium hyaluronate. Salicylic acid for example, is useful in reducing skin inflammation, which causes many skin disorders that would otherwise be nonexistent.

To conclude, while it is desirable to have healthy-looking and younger skin, we can’t forget that there are also health benefits to it, like increased and improved circulation, more elasticity and much more resistance to the adverse effects of the weather. So no matter where you see it from, there will always be a good reason to consider revolutionary methods (like the one explained here) that might help us achieve a healthier skin.