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Bio-peptides and Skincare

Bio-peptides are known to be very beneficial in the skin care industry, since they are active compounds that join hands to create proteins and are present in both chemically produced and in natural elements. So, if you are interested in preserving and rejuvenating your skin to the way it was when you were younger, bio-peptides may be the answer.

Face LiftThe growth activity of skin cells needs of frequent and regular activation, and peptides are precisely useful in stimulating this very necessary activity. Their job is to send signals to your skin molecules, which in turn signals the cells to create more collagen. Collagen is a protein that builds up areas of your body that need to be renewed, and has become extremely popular in the whole beauty industry due to its effectiveness.

The catalyst or message carrier between the cells of the outer skin, the epidermis, and the cells of the under layer, the dermis, is critical to the regeneration of the tissue. Fresh skin tissue is what keeps our skin looking young and vibrant, and it is how we glow when we are young. And this is just the scenario that can be recreated with the use of bio-peptides, since they stimulate natural collagen into action.
The breakdown of the communication path between the layers of skin is what causes the skin to become dry and lose its elasticity as we age. With the years, the skin becomes wrinkled and is not able to recover from the severe loss of hydrated cells and therefore, needs to be revived by bio-peptides. Hence their importance.

When people become older, they bodies tend to have very thin skin because the different skin layers are not communicating, and therefore aren’t regenerating the way they did when they were much younger. And even though is not yet possible to return skin to the state it had when young, it is possible to “give it a hand” with the help of collagen, which in turn requires bio-peptides to come into action.

The other role peptides play in skin regeneration is the increase of the molecules in the derma. More molecules equal a richer skin, and collagen in particular is known to increase the production by more than 100%.

During their healing process peptides partner with amino acids, which are very useful in the retention of skin moisture and in the increase of circulation. Circulation is essential to a healthy and vibrant skin and with increased circulation flowing to all of your skin’s outer layers; you may take on that youthful glow once again.