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stem cell serumThe Revolution of Apple Stem Cell Products

One of the most pressing problems that humanity has faced and that hasnít yet got a proper solution, is the way in which we cannot control the age of our skin. As we all know, time brings cell deterioration and the more it passes, the harder it becomes for our body systems to be able to regenerate. This is because skin needs of epidermal stem cells in order to create new and healthy skin, and time and the environment tend to significantly reduce these cellsí functions, making them extremely less efficient. Naturally, the thought of treating the skin by using human stem cells is not only almost impossible, but it is a topic that still causes a lot of controversy. However, there is a new way of treating the aging problem that has proved to be very effective. Scientists have discovered that an extract obtained from a rare kind of apple tree that is known for its longevity is capable of effectively stimulating aging stem cells, a result evidenced by the drastically reduced amount of wrinkles present on patients treated with it.

The Basics of Stem Cells

Cells in our bodies are programmed to perform certain functions and to grow in a certain way. However, the surrounding cells determine every cell’s ultimate functionality also as well. Considering this, every cell would have set functions and would be meant to grow only to replace and heal the organs and tissue that surrounds it.

This is where stem cells come into play. Stem cells are cells that are not pre-programmed to work or grow in a certain way. In fact they are more like wild cards and can actually be “formatted” to work as the body sees fit. However, the slow rate at which they renew is what causes the aging to accelerate, since the skin is left with less and less “building material” every time.

Apple Stem Cell Products as a Solution

Now, when considering all this, it is only natural to conclude that plants and fruits have also stem cells. And this is where the skill of modern scientists has managed to harness the power of apple stem cells and made it possible to apply it to the human skin. And this is exactly what the top skin care industries around the world are already offering the general public.

In their offering, we have products for just about any skin problem or condition out there. Products range from facial masks and healing creams to eye rejuvenators and anti-wrinkle solutions.

The options are quite varied, but the best thing is that the new technologies have made possible to have these available not just to an elite market, but in fact to just about anyone, so potential users are now encouraged to look into the many offerings available and choose what fits their skins best.