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Moist 24®


Not just a moisturizer, rejuvaDERM Moist 24® is a long term (24 hour) moisturizer based on a plant rich in potassium and DMSP which helps the skin’s “osmotic pump” promote water uptake into the stratum corneum and hold onto it for long term moisturizing, even after showering. With its unique skin smoothing “MoistLock” complex the overall effect is a noticeable smoothing and softening of the skin.

Directions for Use

Apply daily to a freshly cleansed skin. Can a Day and Night Moisturiser.


D-alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E Moisturising and anti-oxidant properties.
Palmitoyl Oligopeptide   Contains matrikines that are messengers of a cutaneous restructuration and repair. They activate the neo-synthesis of extracellular matrix macromoledules providing a visible anti-wrinkle efficacy.
Palmitoyl Teetrapeptide-3
Imperata Cylindrica (Root Extract) Imperata cylindrical provides the skin with considerable hydration. Potassium and DMSP help cells maintain their osmotic equilibrium. The synergistic effect has been exploited to produce a high, immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effect.

H Levels: 5.5 – 6.0 Size: 40ml

Clinical Data

Importance of potassium

Human keratinocytes
in a potassium-defficient medium

reduced cell cytoplasm

Human keratinocytes
in a potassium-optimum medium

bigger cell cytoplasm

measurement of hydrationMeasurement of hydration by corneometry:

12 volunteers/twice daily application of a gel containing
3% MOIST 24 versus placebo/treated area: leg.
Measurement every hour up to point 7 hours, then at
Time point 24 hours.
A shower is included during treatment between time
Point 7 hours and time point 24 hours.
After 24 hours, +20% hydration versus control